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Another important aspect of embroidery is the “push and pull”. A design may move while being embroidered. This will cause some stitches to shift. This shifting can occur when using bulky fabrics, long stitches, large areas of thread, and a tight bobbin thread. A digitizer must account for the possible effects of push and pull.


Although many left chest business logos are fairly easy to digitize for the experienced digitizer, designs with fine detail, small text, color gradations and lots of color changes require more set-up time. Digitizing is a careful process that requires time and experience to be performed correctly. The digitizer must know how the stitches he sees in his embroidery software will embroider on different fabrics. A well-digitized design will enhance your logo so look for an embroiderer who provides quality digitizing.


Similar to most things in life, the biggest takeaway here is garbage in garbage out. The better your file is set up, the better the sew-out will be. There should be no shortcuts with this process and with the number of companies that offer digitizing these days, it’s important to find the right person or business for the job. At Superior Ink, we have several digitizers that we use based on experience and reputation. Click below to get your embroidery project started.