Design Work & Proofing


To be able to embellish your custom garments, we require high-quality artwork to be print-ready! Print-ready artwork is a term used to determine if customer-supplied artwork is ready for production or if there is still any manipulation or creation involved. In order for the artwork to go to the press, there are several factors in determining whether or not the artwork can go to screen. The first is file conversion.

Spot color screening (solid color printing and the most common process) requires vector artwork. Vector files can be .ai, .eps, or .pdf and can be scaled to any size without sacrificing image quality. The minimum size requirement is 300dpi or higher. DPI stands for dots per square inch. We can help you determine if your artwork is print-ready. Most jpegs will not work for this process.

Simply email the files to and reference either the job or quote # so we can apply the artwork files to the correct order. If your art is not print-ready, we will advise you on how we can best vectorize or recreate the artwork! If the artwork is a physical piece, it would need to be scanned prior to printing and then edited. This would be the most intensive type of re-design and would require a recreation fee to make the artwork a computer graphic that resembles the physical piece.