We’re all human, even if the machines we use are state-of-the-art. Spoilage refers to a certain percentage of an order being spoiled by human error.  The industry standard for spoilage is 2-3%, but Superior Ink has a spoilage rate of under 1%.

We take the proofing process very seriously to assure that we produce all ordered to the highest quality standards. We provide digital proofs for each order and an on-press proof by request or if we feel something needs attention prior to production.

We have quality control when we receive the garments, and when they’re going out of our shop to catch any manufacturing errors that may have occurred. If you do get a damaged shirt, please let your CSR know and we’ll do our best to replace it for you.

We do have a return policy, but we can only accept garments on return if it is a full order. We need to inspect the order to determine the appropriate steps in re-order or compensation. We do not offer a return or credit on customer-supplied apparel.