Where are shirts made?

Shirts are sourced and sewn all over the world. The US is one of the leading producers of cotton. However, the largest producers are China and India who together produce 31% of the world’s fiber. In total, more than 100 countries produce cotton worldwide.

The sewing or construction of garments varies depending on the brand. The largest apparel companies primarily sew offshores while recently many US companies have moved sewing back, mostly in California. This is great news as many companies are moving toward fair wage apparel creation. Allmade Apparel and Bella + Canvas are leading the charge. 

Unfortunately, underpaid production and slave labor are still very common in countries outside the US.  (This is why we recommend choosing a US company for your apparel sourcing!) Many textile companies in Haiti pay their workers less than $3 US dollars per day.  

It is important for you to research who is making your apparel and what life is like for them, so you can help provide a positive impact in the world. There are several very ethical companies to choose from to help make the world better for everyone!